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Dawra, Pierre Gemayel Street

+961 1 256 286

About us

“Abou Abdalla’s restaurant was established in 1956 by Youssef EL Khoury and his wife, whom are known as Abou Abdalla and Im Abdalla. This restaurant offers traditional Lebanese dishes: Foul, Hummus, Balilla and  Fatte.
Abu Abdulla is known for his generosity, cleanliness, and good relations  with all his customers. He has customers from all Lebanese regions; and    even during the Lebanese war, customers never ceased to come and enjoy t  the delicious dishes that were and are still offered at Abou Abdalla.
After 50 years of work, Abu Abdullah became old and could no longer work.  He left his position at the restaurant to his son Abdullah who has  three children, and who help him run the restaurant now. In 2005,  Abdullah and his children decided to expand their restaurant. Rony  Khoury, one of Abdullah’s sons (the restaurant manager) follows a  marketing strategy to give the best picture of Abu Abdullah.